Our core principles


At HappyTrays, our mission is to bring joy to our customers' homes with our vibrant designs. Our products are of the highest quality and created for everyday use. They are designed in Switzerland and carefully handcrafted in Sweden using only sustainable and recyclable materials.

We take pride in our products and make it a point to design locally, source sustainably and produce under exemplary conditions; all in Europe and in small quantities. We draw inspiration for the diversity of our designs from nature. To protect this diversity, we invest a percentage of our revenue in the protection of regional forests and their biodiversity.


HappyTrays - A family business

The story of HappyTrays is our story of finding a meaningful project to express our passion for the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Never did we think that our move to Sweden would affect us so much. In 2018, we went to Stockholm for two years professionally. Karin as a managing director in the pharmaceutical industry and I, Andreas, as an architect. Sweden very quickly became a second home for us. Almost four years later, during an extended trip to the north, with our son and dog, it overtook us again: how do we bring a piece of this lifestyle and the joy it gives us back to Switzerland?

The answer had long been part of our lives, a tray made of birch wood, which Swedish friends had given us for the birth of our son. A practical, beautiful everyday object that belongs in every fine living room in Sweden. Combined with lively, cheerful patterns, which are inspired by the diversity of nature and the forests of the North - The first HappyTrays were born.




HappyTrays are characterized by their vibrant colors and cheerful patterns. We are always happy to be guided by our audience in the selection of new designs (@happytrays_switzerland). Our chief designer, Andreas Frei, originally a Swiss architect, is now fully dedicated to creating elegant color accents with HappyTrays. All HappyTrays appear in limited editions.


Designed for living

HappyTrays are versatile and available as single pieces or as playful side tables. All our trays have rounded edges, which makes them very comfortable to hold and protects the lacquer from bumps. They are designed for everyday use and long life. Our trays are approved for food contact, stain resistant (surface tested for oil, alcohol, tea, coffee, wine and more), dishwasher safe (even in industrial machines up to 95°C) and suitable for the freezer (down to -20°C).


Handcrafted in Sweden

The production of a HappyTrays is real craftsmanship. They are individually handmade under exemplary conditions and in small quantities on the island of Öland in Sweden.
HappyTrays are made of sustainable birch veneer, which means it comes from forests that are managed in a long-term and responsible manner. In addition, we invest a percentage of our revenue in the protection of regional forests and their biodiversity.

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