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Welcome to our Press Room.

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Here’s a snapshot of recent features of HappyTrays in the media:

Schöner Wohnen, February 2024

Ingredients for a Good Start to the Year: ‘Frank the Bird’ Tray alongside the matching ‘Serra’ Decorative Pillow will transform your space.

RAUM UND WOHNEN, December 2023

This & That: Create a warm interior with the balanced, earthy-colored ‘Still Life’ Tray.

Belvedere Magazine, Winter 2023

A Backpack Full of Ideas: Choose from a selection of high-quality Trays that radiate joy of life.

Marie Claire, June 2023

On the watch out for Swiss Design: Support regional and sustainable products such as the ‘Petals’ sidetable from upcoming Swiss design brand.

Mis Magazine, Summer 2023

Inspiration for moments of well-being at home: For extra comfort, consider HappyTrays flexible side table, that ‘moves’ with you.

Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren, April 2023

Design, Ideas, Info: How the birth of son Leonard inspired the inception of the family business HappyTrays.

Traumhaus, January 2023 - First official HappyTrays article

Kaleidoscope: Refresh your space with functional design: Table stands featuring detachable, interchangeable tray tops.

Riehener Zeitung, Dez 2022 - First HappyTrays public snapshot

Regional News: ‘Frank the Bird’ gifted at the opening event of a residential complex to enhance their multipurpose room.